May is National Electrical Safety Month

RAPID CITY, S.D. — May is National Electrical Safety Month and Black Hills Energy is reminding customers of important safety tips to use inside the home and outdoors to stay safe around electric appliances, electric equiptment, and outdoor powerlines.

“Safety is one of our core values and a top priority for all of us at Black Hills Energy,” said Marc Eyre, vice president of operations. “We’re taking the opportunity with National Electrical Safety Month to help build awareness about electric hazards and how they can be prevented by taking simple precautions.”

Here are some important safety tips:


  • Check electric cords for fraying or cracking
    • Replace cords that may be damaged, and don’t overload electric outlets
  • Remember extention cords are inteded to be temporary.
    • They are not inteded as permanent household wiring.
  • Don’t run cords over carpets or rugs and don’t tack or nail cords to walls or floors
  • Unplug appliances before cleaning, while performing minor repairs, and when not in use.
    • Keep appliances such as hair dryers away from bathtubs, puddles, sinks, and wet hands. Wet skin increases the risk of shock.
  • Use GFCIs for extra protection:
    • A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) automatically shuts off power to the outlet, protecting you from electrical shock and preventing fires. GFCIs should be installed in outlets near water sources such as bathrooms, kitches, laundry rooms, garages, and outdoors. If your outlet has a red and black “test” and “reset” button, it has a GFCI.
  • Keep electric appliances and tools away from water.
    • Never reach for or unplug an appliance that has fallen into water; instead, turn the power off at the breaker before you unplug the appliance or remove it from the water.
  • Never put anything other than an electrical plug in an outlet.
    • Use outlet covers or caps to protect children
  • Keep your home’s electrical system in good repair.
    • Contact a licensed electrical contractor if you have flickering lights, sparks, non-functioning outlets, or need wiring repairs or upgrades.


  • Stay away from downed power lines!
    • Never touch or attempt to pick up a fallen power line and keep children and pets away. Assume any downed line is energized. Do not attempt to rescue a person or pet in contact with a power line. Electricity can flow through them to you. If you see a downed powerline, call: 888-890-5554, or 911 immediately.
  • Before workig outside, first look up and all around to see if there are any overhead power lines above the work area.
    • Watch for overhead lines everytime you use a ladder, work on roofs, trees, or carry long tools or loads. Keep yourself, your tools, your equipment at least 10 feet away from oever head lines at all times.
  • Know what’s below before you dig.
    • Always call 811 at least two days before you dig to have underground utility lines, pipes, and cables marked. It’s free, it’s safe, and it’s the law.
  • Avoid planting trees underneath power lines or near utility equipment.

For more information about how you can stay safe around indoor or outdoor electric equipment, visit:\safety

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