Mass testing of COVID-19 at Peaceful Pines Senior Living Community

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Perhaps no one has been more affected by the virus than the elderly. Residents at the Peaceful Pines Senior Living Community, have adjusted to new normal’s and policy changes.

Mass testing of the Peaceful Pines residents and staff will begin next month, but some testing has already begun for residents who are showing symptoms of for an emergency such as leaving for medical appointments. Deep nasal cavity tests have been conducted so far but when the mass testing is conducted they will use the shorter, less invasive nasal tests.

“We’ve has no positive tests whatsoever, so we believe we are free and clear for the time being” said Cory Back, General Manager of Peaceful Pines.

Residents of the assisted living facility are unable to leave or have visitors to stop the spread of the infection, so staff members must follow social distancing guidelines when they are out in the community.

“So trying to keep them entertained and keep their mental stimulation and some physical activity going and keep them in mind. They are our customers, they are the reason we are here” said Kelli Back, Administrator of Peaceful Pines.

Peaceful Pines knows this is a difficult time especially for senior citizens, which is why they are sharing extra supplies that they might have with other assisted living facilities.

Kelli Back also said “We are also reaching out to other facilities ever our competitors in town to make sure they have everything they need. We kinda got a supply head start back in January and started ordering hand sanitizer, soaps, and things like that. So we are actually offering our supplies to some other places because it is important in our community, we keep all the elderly safe regardless if they are at another facility or not.” 

Mass testing will start on June 8 at Peaceful Pines Senior Living Community and all of the residents and staff members will be tested.

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