Martinez Boxing Club hosts Junior Olympic Championship

Young boxers of all ages laced up their gloves on Saturday at the Martinez Boxing Club for the Junior Olympic Championship.

The tournament was the regional qualifier which allows young boxers to compete for a spot on the national stage. Boxers and their families from four different states attended.

For some boxers like Gabriel Mesteth, the team’s captain, it’s all about being a team player and creating a sense of community for the aspiring boxers.

"This really isn’t about ego, it’s not about who’s better than who, it’s really about coming down here and putting on the best performance," said Mesteth, "And if you are like a lot of here and you want to go somewhere with it, it’s all about being humble and enjoying it."

Behind every boxer however, is a support system of friends and family. Since the operations at the Martinez Boxing Club are completely run off of doantions, many parents volunteer time and money to keep the program afloat. Renee Mesteth, Gabriel’s mother, is one of those parents. 

"I love the coaches, the volunteers, the community outreach, there’s a real sense of … I’ve got your back," said Mesteth, 

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