March 10 marks the first anniversary of South Dakota’s first confirmed COVID case

RAPID CITY, S.D. — March 10 is the one year anniversary of the first confirmed COVID case in South Dakota.

On March 10, 2020, five South Dakota residents were reported as the first COVID cases in the state, and one Pennington County resident died.

From the fight for a mask mandate, to a vaccine, things look very different just a year later.

“Looking back at the past year, it’s been a terrible year for getting business done. Terrible year for human relations, and I think for society in general. We have been at each others throats for the last year, and there are going to be lingering affects to that,” said Mayor Steve Allender.

The first reading of the Rapid City Mask Ordinance took place in November, and was largely met with disapproval from locals who cited it as an attack on personal freedom.

“I feel badly for the City Council, the abuse they’ve had to take over this whole issue of masks. But masks, are a public health issue. It makes sense that we did everything we did. It does not make sense how our communities have reacted to government intervention,” Mayor Allender said.

While opinions on COVID and masking varied greatly in the state, health care workers continued to do what they know best…support the community.

Despite concerns of contracting COVID themselves, health care workers remained diligent.

“One word, heroes. So we’ve recognized that, Monument Health has recognized everyone of our medical heroes in many ways and even monetarily. And more importantly, it’s not just the doctors, not just nurses, not just respiratory technicians, but every single one. We are a team and we perform as a team. We will see this through, and we’ll get past the pandemic back to a time when we can live normal again,” said Dr. Shankar Kurra, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Monument.

Healthcare providers are expanding access to the vaccine weekly, and recommended that everyone register for the vaccine, even if you are not in the current eligible group.

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