Manufactured edibles removed from medical pot bill

PIERRE, S.D. — The House State Affairs Committee narrowly approved a bill that would regulate how medical cannabis can be consumed by patients.

The bill removes provisions allowing for edible products such as gummies, candies and other food-stuffs, which are created and sold in dispensaries elsewhere.

Proponents of the bill argue the packaging and flavoring used is attractive to children and teenagers.

State Representative Fred Deutsch of the Watertown area is the prime sponsor of the bill. He says it does not prohibit a patient from making their own edible cannabis.

“After a person purchases their medical marijuana, that looks like medicine, they’re free to administer it in any way they want,” Deutsch said.

Opponents of the bill argue the medical marijuana industry is not allowed to make edibles that appeal to children.

A medical cannabis manufacturer, Emmett Reistroffer, says current policy is strict on what they can produce.

“Every medical marijuana state where I’ve operated and produced products, we’re required to put a THC symbol on each serving,” said Reistroffer. “Each serving must be packaged in single servings. That 1/10 of a cookie analogy is just not legitimate when you’re talking about the regulated market.”

The measure passed in committee by a vote on seven to six.

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