Manslaughter case involving deadly overdose moves to federal court

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The case of a man accused of giving a Beadle County woman a deadly dose of fentanyl and then leaving her on her bathroom floor to be discovered by her two children has moved to federal court.

In June of 2018, Marc Henrisse admitted to visiting the home of a 29-year-old woman from Yale, South Dakota so that he could buy Xanax from her. Police believe based on text messages between the two that Henrisse also delivered cocaine and fentanyl to the woman.

Henrisse says he ended up taking Xanax with the mother of two, and then watched her bathroom door to keep her children away while she used intravenous narcotics.

At that point, the woman began to overdose. Henrisse says he tried several measures to keep her awake, including using ice to shock her system.

Henrisse’s ride then arrived, and he left the residence, claiming that the woman was alert upon his departure.

The woman was found the next day after her 4-and 6-year-old children alerted neighbors that their mother was not breathing and had been in the same position since an unknown man had left the residence the night before.

An autopsy showed that the woman died of fentanyl toxicity, with cocaine and Xanax being contributing factors.

The woman’s children later identified the man from photographs associated with their mother’s Facebook account. He was arrested for first-degree manslaughter and drug distribution.

Henrisse’s case will now move to federal court, where he could face harsher sentencing. His first federal court appearance is scheduled on Thursday, Feb. 28.



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