Man shelters 300 dogs from Hurricane Delta in Mexico home

One Good Thing Hurricane Dogs
In this Oct. 13, 2020, photo, Ricardo Pimentel is greeted by dogs that he rescued at his Tierra de Animales (Land of Animals) shelter in Leona Vicario, Mexico. Pimentel sheltered about 300 dogs at his home during Hurricane Delta, and his story, which has gone viral, led people across the world to donate to the shelter. (AP Photo/Luis Andres Henao)

LEONA VICARIO, Mexico (AP) — A man in Mexico sheltered about 300 dogs from the strong winds and heavy rain of Hurricane Delta, which made landfall south of Cancun, blowing down trees and knocking out power in some of the area’s resorts.

It started when Ricardo Pimentel Cordero, who runs an animal shelter in the area, posted on Facebook that he was going “to fill his home with dogs” to try to save them — and dozens of other critters — from the storm.

Pimentel says he’s surprised by the kindness of people from across the world who have donated to his shelter after his post went viral.

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