Making plans for the weekend? Here’s what you should know about the weather in the Black Hills area before you do

RAPID CITY, S.D. – We’re heading for a pattern change this weekend and many areas could get a little bit of snow each day.


High temperatures will be in the mid and upper 30’s in the plains. For the higher elevations, highs will be in the 20’s. The day will start off mostly cloudy and gradually clear up in the afternoon. Wind will be out of the west/northwest at around 10 to 20 mph, with 25-30 mph gusts possible.

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Northern Hills

Very early in the morning, there will be a chance for some snow. The snow will likely last through midday. Accumulations up to a few inches are possible for the hardest-hit areas.

Central Hills

There will be a slight chance for snow throughout the first half of the day if snow can make it over the northern hills. Little to no accumulation is expected.

Southern Hills

The southern hills have the lowest chance to see snow, but there could be a few snow showers that are able to wrap around the northern and central hills.


The NW plains could see some snow starting very early Saturday morning. Snow will move SE throughout the morning, possibly transitioning to rain later on. Little to no accumulation is expected, but roads could become slick regardless. Precipitation should dissipate by the afternoon, with the south-central plains getting the last few snowflakes.


For Sunday high temperatures will be in the mid-30s in the plains, mostly in the 20s for the higher elevations. Cloud cover will gradually increase throughout the morning, with winds picking up out of the west/northwest mid-morning. The frontal passage could include some brief snow bursts, followed by general light snow showers. Sustained winds will be between 10 and 25 mph, with gusts up to 35 mph. Models are still showing some uncertainty, so the arrival time of this frontal passage could shift a few hours in either direction – snow may arrive earlier or later than expected by a few hours.

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Northern Hills

Snow could move into the area anytime after 6:00 AM. The on-and-off snow showers could last all day, with upslope winds enhancing snowfall amounts and duration. The heaviest hit areas could see a few inches of additional accumulation.

Central Hills

Snow is expected to start before noon, potentially lasting all day. Snowfall rates should remain low because of the moisture being squeezed out over the northern hills. Accumulations up to an inch or two are possible.

Southern Hills

Snow could move into the area as early as the mid-morning and potentially last all day. The hardest hit areas could see a few inches of accumulation, though some areas could fall into a dry pocket where there will be little to no accumulation.


Snow should start mid-morning for the northwest plains. A line of light snow will be moving to the southeast. Snow will end Sunday evening for the northwest plains, and even later for areas farther to the southeast. Snow will be patchy in the plains, but the highest totals will likely be no more than a couple of inches. A dry pocket looks likely for the areas directly southeast of the
Black Hills, where snowfall totals will likely be less than an inch.


While this weekend won’t be warm, sunny, and dry, the weather shouldn’t be enough to cancel any plans. Just make sure to drive carefully in areas that receive snow.

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