Main Street Classic Car Museum

Local man’s love for classic cars fuels museum.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Local car enthusiast, R.T. Munyon, has a love for classic cars.

Munyon opened the Main Street Classic Car Museum last summer, which is adjacent to his business Main Street Motors in Rapid Valley.

Munyon grew up around cars and is crazy about caddies.

Munyon says, “My field of expertise is in Cadillacs, specifically anything from 1940 on up, but I have general knowledge of most classic cars and even newer cars. I used to drag race motorcycles and cars, so that’s how I got all that mechanical knowledge. I’ve been in school for mechanics.”

He wanted to have a place that families could bring kids to learn about the nostalgia of these vehicles that once graced the streets. The kids can get up close, touch the cars and hear them run.

“A lot of questions we get from kids is ‘why did they make the car like this? A lot of modern cars are very aerodynamic, very functional, you know, for gas mileage and things, so we have to explain … it’s hard sometimes for the kids to grasp that they just did this to be cool. There’s no function other than style for.”

This storage unit-turned-museum has about 17 cars at any given time. You can check out cars for free. The museum features Cadillacs and retired race cars.

Fore more information and hours of operation on the museum, click here. 

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