UPDATE: Lyft renews license with Rapid City

UPDATE (11:30 a.m. 02/22/21): According to Rapid City Communications Manager Darrell Shoemaker, this morning, Lyft provided payment for its annual license renewal to the City Finance Office and their ride-sharing operations are allowed to continue.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Ride sharing services have been in Rapid City since 2018 with both Uber and Lyft. But if you have tried to get a Lyft this week, you may have run into a problem with a message saying the app is unavailable.

The company Lyft has not renewed its license for this year. Every year, both Uber and Lyft must submit an application and pay a $1,500 fee.

Lyft has failed to meet its annual deadline of February 14 this year, while Uber remains intact until June. That’s when they will need to renew their license as well.

Rapid City officials say Lyft has sent them a tracking number for their payment so they will allow Lyft to operate through the weekend, but if payment is not received by Monday, the city will discontinue Lyft services again.

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