Lt. Gov. Rhoden holds meet and greet event at Hotel Alex Johnson

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Local officials and legislators, including Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden, held a meet and greet Saturday at the Hotel Alex Johnson.

Lust Memorial 1

South Dakota Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden

The meet and greet started with coffee at Starbucks and then focused on other important issues like tourism and visiting with those who just moved to the state.

Lt. Gov. Rhoden said that the talks also focused on using the state’s and federal government’s resources to prepare for the state’s future.

“The federal spending is going to end,” said Lt. Gov. Rhoden. “We’ve enjoyed record increases in our state revenue and so that’s given us a lot of opportunity to do things in the state that other governors haven’t had the opportunity to do.”

Lt. Gov. Rhoden also said that events like this also helps out legislators as they continue with the legislative session that began Tuesday.

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