Lower taxes for all? South Dakota legislators debate best way to help residents at Deadwood cracker barrel

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Dozens of people attended a cracker barrel event Saturday at Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort in Deadwood. The event was an opportunity for constituents to hear from three state legislators regarding the current legislative sessions.

State Representatives Mary Fitzgerald and Scott Odenbach, along with Senator Randy Deibert, were in attendance to discuss various topics, including House Bill 1075. The bill proposes the repeal of the tax on groceries, citing its negative impact on lower-income families.

Although the bill is gaining popularity, Senator Deibert explained during the event that a property tax reduction might be a more equally beneficial option for all South Dakota residents.

“People that spend more, that have more money, spend more money on groceries, get bigger savings — and the people that don’t have much money and get a small savings because they just don’t buy as much food. So I support a property tax reduction rather than a sales tax reduction,” Senator Deibert said.

Check out photos from the cracker barrel in Deadwood:

Currently, there are three options for tax reductions that are up for debate. These include property tax reduction, reducing sales tax by half a percent and eliminating sales tax for groceries.

Representative Fitzgerald discussed the three options during the event, saying, “The three options are the $300 off your property taxes. The half cent, which would basically have to spend $50,000 in order to receive a $100 in taxes. And then the repeal on the food tax. The food taxes are aggressive tax that affects those who can afford it the least. And so this is something that will benefit everyone.”

There are two upcoming cracker barrels in Custer and Hill City, both of which will take place on Saturday, February 25.

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