Lou Lou’s Bombdiggities Pasties offers delicious, homemade food

Lou Lou’s Bombdiggities Pasties in Deadwood features homemade, family recipe pasties, caramel rolls and, what they call their breakfast bombs.

Owner Cindy James says their goal is to keep the family recipes going but also break into some newer, more fun modern advancements in dining.

A gallery of Lou Lou’s Bombdiggities Pasties delicious food!

The shop features nine different pasties with their most popular being the Reuben, also known as Da Boss.

Lou Lous 5Da Boss 

Stuffed into five ounces of their homemade crust will be a healthy portion of corned beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and seasonings.

Cindy says they have to make sure everything is nicely balanced so there isn’t too much of one flavor and too much of another.

Other Items

Lou Lou’s Bombdiggities Pasties also has The Bubba, a pizza inspired pasty, along with some breakfast pasty options.

There’s also a bakery with homemade bread and caramel and cinnamon rolls, and a full-service coffee bar.

“This is our moms recipe for caramel rolls, and I always jokingly say my mom didn’t make anything small or any one thing small, so everything is really big,” said Cindy.

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