Looking to future Black Hills Stock Shows with a new civic center arena

RAPID CITY S.D. – The 2019 Black Hills Stock Show is in the books.

This year’s show was the last one before the construction of the new arena at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center begins. With contractors and city leaders nearing approval for the design of the new arena, big changes are coming to the Stock Show in the coming years.

Events like the Stock Show and the Lakota Nation Invitational will look a little different in the coming years.

“We’re pretty steadfast that it’s going to grow in an effort to better the event and to create a better scenario for the city,” said Craig Baltzer, the executive director for the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

The new arena which voters approved last June will be able to seat over 12,000 people and will be over 30,000 square feet, giving events much needed space. But during the arena’s construction, events at the Civic Center will continue.

“We’re going to have two years of Stock Show and Rodeo while the building is in construction, and they’ll be in different phases during that time so there is going to be a need for storage of materials and equipment,” Baltzer said.

The parking lot on the northwest corner of the lot is the future of the new Civic Center Arena. During the Lakota Nation Invitational, the Stock Show and other big events, its full to the brim. The new arena is slated to be built over around 200 parking spots.

Baltzer said the city is going to have to be creative when dealing with the future of parking as well. They plan to use several city-owned parking lots and to shuttle people to the civic center and back. Baltzer also says the arena’s current parking lots are only full about 20 times a year.

In the meantime, project architects continue to meet with organizers of the Stock Show and Rodeo to find out how optimize space, “So they can fit some of that into the design of the building, and probably more importantly, get a good idea on the construction while we’re doing a Stock Show and Rodeo,” Baltzer said, “Because we will have a Stock Show and Rodeo.”

Construction on the new arena is slated to begin this spring.

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