Looking out for pet health

Special event increase affordability, convenience for pet, livestock health

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Humans aren’t the only creatures that need to get annual check-ups.

"Ninja Melvin" waits to receive vaccines and a health check-up at a pet wellness event hosted by Tractor Supply Co. in Rapid City. Photo Date: Sep. 22, 2018.

“Ninja Melvin” waits for his turn to get his vaccines.

More than 30 of our canine, feline, and equine friends got theirs Saturday.

Tractor Supply Company in Rapid City hosted a pet vaccination and check-up event throughout the day on Saturday.

Pet and other animal owners were able to have their furry companions seen by veterinary experts to get vaccines they need, as well as overall health check-ups.

The event was a way to provide a more cost-effective and convenient way to have pets seen by a veterinarian, especially for folks who don’t live near a town or city, and a way to stave off legal trouble.

“In our field, prevention is really important to us,” said Skye, a veterinary technician staffing the event. “Rabies in particular, is a legal issue. So, by law you should have your dog up-to-date on rabies, always, never past due. Just from a legal standpoint, if your animal were to bite somebody, you can get in big trouble for that.”

More of these vaccination events have been planned, but dates have not been announced yet. Look for announcements on the Masters Veterinary Service Facebook page.

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