Looking for a job? Start your search at the Black Hills Regional Job Fair Mar. 1

RAPID CITY, S.D. – If you’re searching for a job, the Black Hills Regional Job Fair might be the place to go. Wednesday will be the 25th year of this job fair, and officials say it’s packed with both employers and potential employees.

The job fair starts at 11 a.m. and lasts until 5 p.m. in the Rushmore Hall at The Monument.

How many employers are in attendance?

“We have 94 employers, and then we have about 14 veteran and military support as well. So we are packed tomorrow with employers that are looking to hire people,” Jeff Wangen, press relations chairperson of the Black Hills Regional Job Fair, said. “That’s the biggest reason we do this every year. It’s a great give-back to the community where we’re trying to get employers the folks they’re looking to hire”

Photos of the job fair setup:

Number of people looking for a job:

The job fair usually gets around 1,000 people looking for a job, and even people who currently have jobs still take a look at openings.

“Those of you that have a current job, maybe during your lunch hour, you want to pop over,” Wangen said. “See if you can upgrade your job. See what else is out there are available for you.”

Here are a few pointers to anyone wanting to come in and hopefully get a job:

  • Download the Career Fair Plus app
    • All employers are listed there with a job title or a link to their website
  • Do a little research
  • Prepare for it
    • Know necessary information to fill out an application there like previous employment, income level, managers name, etc.
  • Dress appropriate, like you’re going to a job interview

The success of this event:

“It’s pretty exciting because every year we have people that leave with job in hand, meaning they came in, they talk to an employer, we have some interview booths in the back where they can say, ‘While you’re here, let’s jump back there and do a quick on-the-spot interview’ and they get hired day of the job fair,” Wangen explained. “After that, we get quite a bit of feedback of, ‘Yeah, I got a job at the job fair.’ The jobs available are everything from entry level to professional level. So, if you’re looking for work, come on down. You can get hired tomorrow.”

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