Locals try to stay positive during storm and pandemic

BOX ELDER, S.D. -With a snowstorm covering Western South Dakota and social distancing, towns have been eerie. Not many people are able to go out both to stay safe from the storm and the virus.

In tough times communities usually need to together but with current circumstances that looks a bit different.

Dan Oliver has a UTV and he typically uses it to plow his driveway and the community around him. It’s even more helpful in a times like these.

“It’s for emergencies, if you have to get out. At least I can get you out to the main roads out of Box Elder into Rapid City,” says Oliver.

With the virus and now the snowstorm, people are stuck indoors and getting cabin fever.

The elderly community is struggling to stay social and in touch with the public.

Amanda Albanese works at a nursing home, she says, “They are getting cabin fever. They are very broken hearted. They do not get to see their family but through the windows and phone calls.”

Lack of socialization and absence of work affects people of all ages.  Some people are starting to miss the day-to-day things, such as working and receiving a livable wage.

Yet it seems  South Dakotans always find something positive in the toughest of situations.

“I think it’s a great thing that we have a storm believe it or not. Keeps people indoors playing games and stuff like that,” says Oliver.

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