Locals discuss what they’d buy with lottery winnings

Members of the community came together to tell NewsCenter1 what they'd spend their lottery winnings on if they won. What would you spend your lottery winnings on?

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As the total winnings of the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery continue to rise, the all-too-popular question comes to surface.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Rapid City community members certainly had a plan, whether it was a donation to good causes –

“First thing I’d do with it is give my tenth to the church,” said Jerry McMath of Rapid City.

“I would give a lot of it to the mission that needs and to the salvation arm and other good causes that help poor people. I’d be glad to,” said Norm Tschetter of Rapid City.

– paying off debt –

“Pay off my car and buy a house,” said Cassie Bolstad of Rapid City.

– or getting something for a loved one.

Lottery Winnings 1

“First thing I’d do is, my wife would like a brand new truck,” said Ray Brown of Rapid City.

Some would even use the money to fund a dream.

“Invest some of it so that I could have some little egg nest to give to my kids, um, ya start my own business,” Bolstad said. “That’s always been a dream of mine.

Regardless of what they’d do, one thing is for sure, there’d be enough to go around.

“If I won, I’d have enough money to spread it out real good, give the church some money, they always need some help,” Tschetter said.

“All organizations if I can. If I won that much money, why not?” McMath said.

“Charity would come into mind,” Brown said. “You know, some help so that some of these homeless people would be fed and housed.”

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