Local woman competes in “The Titan Games”

When Kelsey Horton got the call to be on "The Titan Games," she thought it was a joke.

What happens when you combine Medieval-like physical challenges, passionate competitors and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?! You get “The Titan Games,” where men and women athletes from all walks of life compete in same obstacles. It’s a challenge both physically and mentally, With one male and one female champion in the end. We caught up with a local woman who got the chance to compete on this level.

Kelsey Horton grew up in Deadwood, was involved in high school athletics and played a wide variety of sports. She got married, had 2 kids and become a nurse. She wanted to lose some pregnancy weight and did a crash diet. She quickly realized that wasn’t healthy or sustainable. Kelsey hit the gym with a friend, who happened to be a powerlifter, and encouraged her to get on board. She did – and has never turned back.

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Horton says, “I didn’t seek it out, I think it kind of sought me out. I’m working to get stronger. I’m not working to look a certain way, I’m trying to get stronger trying to better myself in the capacity that doesn’t have to do with aesthetics so much.”

She’s been powerlifting competitively for 6 years. Her day starts around 5 a.m., then after all the typical daily routines of work, supper, and kids’ homework, then she heads to the gym around 8 p.m. and does her workouts for a couple hours. Then, it’s back home to get ready to do it all again.

But she loves the challenge that powerlifting gives her and wants to share that love with everyone. She documents her fitness journey on Instagram with her over 61,500 followers. Instagram is where a casting producer from NBC found her and recruited her to be on the new NBC show “The Titan Games”. After a long casting process, Kelsey was in, flew to Hollywood and began filming. She was there for 2 weeks to film and is heading back to LA for the premier of the show Thursday.

One of the highlights she said was meeting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Horton says, “Just think about his story, coming to Hollywood with seven bucks in his pocket and trying to make it in this cutthroat industry… if he can do it, anybody can do it and not just make it in Hollywood, but any facet of what they’re trying to accomplish.”


Kelsey at Hurricane Fitness

She developed relationships with the other competitors, who were everyday people with exceptional athleticism. Each, with an exceptional story.

“I think the coolest part about the whole thing was meeting folks from all walks of life and athletic ability aside, some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Talk about overcoming all sorts of adversity … the friendships were definitely made there.”

And even if she doesn’t win, she says it’s just as important to inspire other to be their best selves.

“The biggest thing for me is if I could just reach one mom out there who is wanting to challenge her own status quo at home and say that ‘you know what, I can find 30 minutes for myself ‘- to do that, then I’ve already won.”

Kelsey is also the first USPA certified referee in South Dakota and is organizing the first USPA powerlifting meet in South Dakota on June 1st in Rapid City.

“The Titan Games” premiers Thursday night at 7 pm on NBC.

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THE TITAN GAMES — Season: 1 — Pictured: Kelsey Horton — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

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