Local violinist shares how her talent got her to where she is today

Violinist 7Violinist Maya Anjali Buchanan recently performed in Rapid City, her hometown, at First Congregational Church. Celebrated as one of the upcoming top violinists in the classical world, Maya began her violin career as a child in the Black Hills Suzuki School.

“Everyone always assumes that I just like, loved it right away, but it really was not like that at all,” Maya said. “I really didn’t like it, actually. At first it was kind of like a chore that my mom just like made me do, you know, every day she was like, ‘You gotta practice!’ But she eventually discovered that bribery worked very well with me. So it was, you know, if I practiced for 10 minutes, she would give me a sticker on my little practice chart or else you give me a little piece of gum or something. And so, you know, that worked for a while. And then eventually I think what really made me realize how much love I really had for music was when I started working with other people that were my age, like playing in chamber music and playing in orchestra.”

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 After high school, Maya was accepted into the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and is completing her music studies. Her determination and drive has made her a wild success as a world renowned violinist.

 “I think there’s a talent in like being disciplined, I guess, in a way. It takes a certain kind of person to sit down and practice five hours every day. It can be a really fun, amazing instrument to just play for fun, you know?” said Maya. “And I think the best way to keep yourself inspired and wanting to learn the violin is to find music that you enjoy. So it doesn’t necessarily, even if you’re learning classical violin, you don’t necessarily just have to learn classical violin music. You can find some cool jazz music and play around with it or, you know, write your own music or just play around with it. I feel like I wish I had done more of that when I was younger. You can really branch out and do whatever you want and be creative in other ways.”

Her choice to be a professional musician has paved the way for many opportunities for world travels. In 2017 alone, she performed in China, Germany and Iceland.

And with her involvement with the Black Hills Chamber Music Society, she hopes to inspire the younger generation. 

“I think it’s important to engage in the community just because it makes people’s lives better. Like, simply just because it is helpful to people, you know, there doesn’t need to be any other reason other than just bringing people joy. And I think by helping educate younger kids in music and, you know, showing them bringing it to them is helpful just because then they’ll grow up with a greater appreciation with music, which I think will enrich their lives.”

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