Local transgender advocates speak out against House bill

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Local transgender advocates spoke out on Wednesday against a House bill which would require transgender athletes to participate in the sports that match their biological sex at birth. The House passed the bill late on Wednesday, 50 to 17.

Those opposing the bill says its not a solution at all and, in fact, could create even more problems.

“If it was about protection, then legislators wouldn’t be eager to jeopardize millions of dollars in federal funding for women’s sports and violating existing NCAA policies. If it was, if it was about protection, then it wouldn’t go against every major women’s major sports organization that supports transgender women and girls inclusion in sports,” Jett Jonelis, Advocacy Manager, ACLU South Dakota.

District 33 Rep. Taffy Howard defends the bill, saying, “This bill is simply about fairness in sports within our school systems.”

The bill now moves now to a Senate committee.

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