Local Spearfish man commissioned to create Burning Beetle art piece

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Jared “Cappie” Capp was born in Spearfish and spent a great deal of his free time creating – still building custom homes in the region.

Last year, he was invited to build the sculpture for the 2020 Burning Beetle festival happening in Custer.

“It’s just been a lot of fun to creative problem solve some of these things, ” Cappie says. “All the way from moving a 26,000 pound boulder to how do you drill holes through this boulder. How do you mount something like this?”

“This” being a roughly 12 foot tall steel cylinder that lights on fire. It has to be mounted onto the large, salmon-colored boulder for the final product.

“Being able to take these components and putting them together into something beautiful it just, it makes my brain sparkle,” he said.

The challenge for Cappie has been trying to move and mold with the mediums he chose which have to last roughly 100 years, and somehow contain a time capsule installation.

He’s enjoying himself, regardless. And he says the work will be completed in time for the unveiling January 17th, in Custer.

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