Local schools host parades for students

RAPID CITY , S.D. — South Dakota schools are closed until May, completely changing plans for both students and parents.

For the little ones, times like this can feel scary, so some local schools took action to ease fears.

Both South Canyon and Rapid Valley Elementary school staff, took to the streets to put on a parade for their students.

Faculty and staff decorated their personal cars, held signs, and even brought their four-legged friends along for the ride. They drove around local streets to bring cheer to the community.

“This is a strange and uncertain time and our kids, we just had to leave without saying goodbyes,” said Melissa Crouch, a teacher at South Canyon. “So we wanted them to know that we love them and we miss them and we’re thinking of them.”

Teachers are keeping in communication with students via online platforms and some sent postcards for those students without access to internet.

“We know that they’re struggling with their work and we just want to get out and be peppy and give them some cheer,” says South Canyon principal, Chanda Spotted Eagle.

School staff want to encourage both parents and students to keep a positive outlook.

“Just know that this is new for all of us, so be patient with yourself, teachers and staff are here to support you, so just reach out if you need anything,” says Spotted Eagle.






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