Local organization builds beds for children in need

A national organization called Sleep in Heavenly Peace builds and delivers beds to children who do not have a proper place to sleep. A Rapid City woman started a chapter about a year ago.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City woman Katie Bates saw a story on the bed building program on television, she felt moved to start a chapter in Rapid City and has been running it for just over a year.

Sanding Day

Sanding Day

With product donations from local businesses and volunteers donating their time and efforts, they delivered over 120 beds last year.

Katie Bates, Rapid City Chapter Sleep in Heavenly Peace Chapter Pres., says, “I’ve always felt that if you are able to help out with a community service and you are able to, you should do that. I’ve looked into several different things and never really felt like I was a huge part of it. This opportunity, I thought I could get it started, I could play a big role.”

Sanding Day

After the lumber is delivered, the crew sands the wood, then meet a different time to build the bed frames and finally construct the bed during the delivery to the home.

They’ve delivered up to 10 beds in an evening for children 3-18 years old. The mission of Sleep in Heavenly Peace is to meet a basic need of children- a good night’s sleep.

Bed Delivery Set up

Bed Delivery Set up, Courtesy FB

Bates says, “I think that every kid needs their own private place to sleep and call their own and we all know that sleep is important for kid’s growth and developments, and to have your bed will facilitate that for sure, as opposed to sleeping on a hard floor or with siblings on a couch or whatever condition they are sleeping in.”

During delivery day, the families are excited and thankful for the anticipated slumber.

Group making bed delivery

Group making bed delivery, courtesy FB

“They are immediately on the bed, jumping on the bed, as soon as we get it done for them so the joy on the kid’s face is so satisfying, it’s probably the most rewarding part of what we do, and not only the kids but the parents as well. You can tell that they are relieved, always very thankful. I’m sure it’s hard to ask for help,” says Bates.

The application process is up and running for those looking to receive a bed and the group is always in need of volunteers and donations.

Children receiving bed

Children receiving bed, courtesy FB

Katie says that you don’t have to have any special wood working skills to volunteer. Volunteers should be 12 or older.

Child receiving bed

Child receiving bed, courtesy FB

Those interested in receiving a bed can click here. 

Sponsors include Forest Products, Nyman Enterprises, Lowes and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many community members and organizations have donated items to the cause.
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