Local law enforcement agencies creating interim rules regarding IM26

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The lack of clear-cut rules at this stage is prompting individual law enforcement agencies to create interim rules until the state hands down its guidelines.

“Not every jurisdiction is looking at it the same way, not every prosecutor is looking at it the same way,” said Pennington County Sheriff, Kevin Thom. “So again, the legislature needs to fix this as soon as possible. To clear up the confusion for both law enforcement and for the public.”

In Pennington County and Rapid City, law enforcement officials will accept doctors notes in place of medical cards, and public use will also be prohibited. One change will be that small amounts will no longer be grounds for arrest.

“Basically, for under three ounces of marijuana at this time, we’re not going to arrest people,” said Thom. “Again, that’s because of Initiated Measure 26. Over three ounces up to a pound of marijuana, we’re gonna seize the marijuana and submit that to the state attorneys office for a warrant request. Anything over that, people will be arrested.”

State officials have until October to put rules in place.

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