Local health stores striving to fulfill community need during COVID-19 outbreak

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With everyone focusing on healthy habits during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to remember that a healthy diet is an important piece of the puzzle.

It may seem difficult finding quality foods, but local health food stores are working hard to fulfill the needs of the community, while supporting local farmers and ranchers.

“What makes Breadroot (Co-op) different than a lot of other stores, is our emphasis is on local,” said Jeffrey Thouron, the General Manager of Breadroot Co-op. “So local meat is something that we have a well supply of right now. I know some big stores are having some problems with meat and eggs, and our local suppliers are local, so we can just go and pick them up when we need any of that.”

The store also has a number of probiotics such as a kombucha, and a wide array of vitamins  and all-natural cleaning supplies.

And Thouron says eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

“Natural healthy groceries is something that’s been trending for a while now, and the prices have actually gone down, and I think people would be surprised if they were adverse to the price tag a couple of years ago and then come into the co-op now and see how things are actually priced.”

For those new to cooking and healthy eating, Thouron suggests trying one new thing a day until it becomes a habit.

He also says indoor gardening is a way for people to eat well and begin a hobby during the quarantine.

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