Local gymnasts shine at South Dakota State Meet

RAPID CITY, S.D. —  The best gymnasts from across the state are in Rapid City this weekend for the South Dakota State Gymnastics Meet.

The gymnasts are not only competing for a state title, but they’re also trying to qualify for regionals coming up next month in Iowa.

The South Dakota State Gymnastics Meet wraps up on Sunday at the South Dakota School of Mines.


Featured Gymnasts

Uneven Bars

–  Ruthie Wehrung, Spearfish Gymnastics   8.500

–  Haley Ellis, Just Jymnastics    8.600

–  Jena Swanson, Spearfish Gymnastics   9.400

–  Alissa Fuelling, Just Jymnastics    9.525


Balance Beam

–  Kiara Brown, Just Jymnastics      8.800



State Gymnastics Results from Saturday

Team Results:

Level 8 – Just Jymnastics- 1st, All-American Gymnastics- 2nd

Level 10- All-American- 1st, Spearfish- 2nd



Level 8 Individual Results:

Age 11-12- Emily Sabers (Just Jymnastics)- 1st place All-Around

Kathleen Cook (Spearfish)- 2nd place AA, 1st on Floor , 2nd on Bars,  3rd on Beam, 3rd on Vault


Age 15+ Individual Results:

Peyton Bagley (Just Jymnastics)- 1st place AA

Megan King (Just Jymnastics)- 2nd place AA

Hanna Siemonsma (Just Jymnastics)- 3rd place AA



Level 9 Individual Results:

Klae Kelly (Just Jymnastics)- 3rd AA



Level 10 Individual Results:

Jr Age Division:

Alissa Fuelling (Just Jymnastics)- 2nd place Bars

Ruthie Wehrung (Spearfish) – 1st on Beam, 3rd on Vault, 3rd All-Around

Savanna Dunwoody (Spearfish) – 1st on Vault, 3rd on Floor


Sr Age Division:

Jena Swanson- (Spearfish)- 1st place All-Around  36.70

Jena Swanson-  1st on Vault  9.55

1st on Bars    9.40

1st on Floor    9.50

Jena Swanson from Spearfish Gymnastics

Jena Swanson from Spearfish at the South Dakota State Gymnastics Meet

West River Regional Qualifiers:

Level 8

Just Jymnastics- Emily Sabers, Megan King, Breezy Paul, Hanna Siemonsma, Peyton Bagley

Spearfish- Kathleen Cook


Level 10

Just Jymnastics- Alissa Fuelling, Haley Ellis, & Kiara Brown

Spearfish- Jena Swanson, Ruthie Wehrung, Savanna Dunwoody


Level 9

Just Jymnastics –  Klae Kelly, Braelyn Juve


Platinum Regional Qualifier

Just Jymnastics – Alycia Espe



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