Local groups organize learning extension centers for area students

Beginning Friday, October 23, there will be another option for students to do virtual learning on Fridays, when RCAS students do not have in person learning.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Love Inc. saw a need to provide more options for parents and are partnering with the YMCA and local churches to provide a safe and educational space for non classroom hours called Learning Extension Centers or LEC.

LEC, courtesy Facebook

LEC, courtesy Facebook

LEC, courtesy Facebook

Adult, trained volunteers will be there to keep kids on task and watch over the students. Some LECs may provide other activities like stem activities or physical play.

So far, LEC locations include Bethel Church on Maple Avenue and Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church on Cathedral Drive. Lunch will be provided, and families are asked to pay only $10 per week.

LEC, courtesy Facebook

John Ligtenberg, Exec. Director of Love Inc. on the Black Hills says, “Learning Extension Centers is an attempt to provide a resource for families that are struggling with the virtual learning or if school happens to get closed again, what do we do with the kids -I’ve got to get to work, so this is a program to help families tackle that.”

Safety precautions will be in place at the LEC locations. Students must bring the computer issued by RCAS along with homework assignments.

The program will consider providing more days of service if RCAS goes completely to virtual learning.

LEC, courtesy Facebook

Ligtenberg says, “If we can do anything we can to help families get through this year and keep the learning happening, we don’t want this to be a gap year for children, we want to keep that learning happening in kids lives.”

Basic student materials, such as writing utensils, paper, eraser and craft projects will be provided.

Register online by clicking here or by calling 718-5683 or in person at 414 East Omaha St.


Once you select a site, a volunteer from that site will follow up with you.

While there is no dedicated transportation to LECs, you may want to check on Rapid Ride, which provides free student transportation.

Call 394-6631 or visit www.rapidride.org

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