Local family donating “Blessing Baskets” to those affected during COVID-19 pandemic

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A local family is giving back with what they have unofficially dubbed “Blessing baskets.”

With toys, snacks and gift cards going to local restaurants just in time for Easter.

Owners of Pro Exteriors and Construction asked the public on Facebook to nominate local families who could use a free giveaway this season. The catalyst for this idea they say is to reignite the spark they feel some residents have lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s always exciting and fun to receive something unexpected and receive something for free so that’s really our only goal here is just to bring joy to people and put a smile on their faces in these difficult times,” said Nate Schweppe, the owner of Pro Exteriors and Construction.

With over 58 nominations, 30 baskets were delivered with each being sanitized beforehand.

For some families, receiving the call that they won led to an emotional exchange.

    “I was able to call some of the families and they were really really excited,” Leah Schweppe, the Co-owner of Pro Exteriors & Construction said. “I heard some tears. I hear some stories and so what I hope these families get out of this is just a memory of something kind during this time.”

Nate and Leah hope other businesses who have not been financially effected by the coronavirus will join in the movement and also give back.

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