Local doctors shed light on omicron variant

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With detection of new omicron variant, local doctors are shedding light on the best course of action and how often variants show up with illnesses.

Omicron Variant

WHO labels new Covid strain, named omicron
Credit: MGN

Dr. Shankar Kurra, the VP of Medical Affairs at Monument Health, says more information on the new variant should be available in about a month.

He adds that variants, or changes in the original genetic make-up of COVID, are quite common.

“So far the last count more than two million different variations of the virus exist,” said Dr. Kurra. “The vast majority of them are not concerning at all, so when we say a variant of concern. It is a small minority, as you know there are only four before the omicron, there were only four variants of concern.”

Dr. Kurra says the best protection right now against omicron is vaccination.

As a side note, about 97 percent of Monument’s 5,200 caregivers have been vaccinated before Wednesday’s deadline.

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