Local daycare facilities take precautions to ensure child safety

Rapid City, S.D. — The Leap 2 Learn Educational Childcare facility made the decision to close for two weeks in response to positive COVID-19 cases at the daycare.

With many people going back to work, parents question the safety of children in daycares. At the height of the pandemic, many childcare facilities closed, or had few children as parents were not working. Although no formal decision has been made, with talk of schools reopening and caregivers working again, local childcare facilities have been implementing safety precautions to keep children and their families safe.

The safety measures are similar to what many businesses have been implementing, such as, frequent hand washing, use of alcohol based hand sanitizer, and regular sanitation of high touch areas.

“So what we’re doing right now, we’re doing data screening, so the drop off and pickup will occur at the front door of the building, and there will be a teacher standing asking the questions, and checking the child’s temperature with a thermometer,” says Fit-N-Fun site manager, Huda Jabar.

The facility is not allowing children with temperatures above 100.4 to enter, and is working at a student teacher ratio of 10:1 or 15:2.

As for childcare availability, the Living Hope Academy is the only 24/7 childcare facility in Rapid City, and has continued to service families during this difficult time. This has been a major help to shift essential, and emergency workers as they often need support outside normal hours.

“We’re really focused on helping single parents, and like essential workers, first responders, things like that, that need those crazy hours, and it’s hard for them to find childcare for their children,” says Living Hope Academy Director, Victoria Blankenship.

In the case learning continues to be virtual, and parents return to work, Fit-N-Fun is already looking ahead and looking forward to helping families. The facility will work to ensure children still have their educational needs met if they attend the daycare.

“Help them through their classwork, it’s not necessarily tutoring but it’s helping and making sure they’re getting all their assignments complete and then at the end of that completion of their assignments, then they would be here for the rest of the day, and continue to do the normal activities you would do if you came to fit and fun,” says Just Jymnastics/Fit-N-Fun owner, Alan Ponto.

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