Local cookie shop encourages public to “Bake it forward”

RAPID CITY, S.D. — If you want to do something thoughtful for your co-workers — or maybe your neighbors during the holidays — why not “bake it forward”?

Julie Mahaffey and her husband Rob decided to go into the cookie biz without any prior experience in baking industry or in owning a business, but something about it felt right.

“We were both in agriculture and I was like, what about one of those cookie stores we were in when we were in Colorado, because there are two Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Fort Collins,” said Julie Mahaffey, co-owner of Rapid City’s Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Then in October 2018, Mary’s Mountain Cookies opened it’s doors in downtown Rapid City.

 They even decided to start a program that helped their customers spread joy and cheer, year-round.

“The wall, the infamous wall,” started Julie. “It started a little over a year ago. So after we opened, my husband was like how do we get people to know that we are a small town business. Like, we’re family run. We’re very much about the more we give out in cookies, whether we hand them out, whether people buy them. That’s our name out there but it’s also about sharing a connection for people. So he was like, how do we get people in here and then share it with people without bringing all of them in. So he sat for a couple days and he’s like let’s do a bake it forward like when you go to McDonald’s or any other restaurant and you can pay for somebody. He’s like, let’s do a bake it forward.”

“Bake it forward.”

You can buy a cookie for someone else and then when that person come in to Mary’s Mountain Cookies, they’ll see’s their name on the board and get a free cookie.

The list of names is constantly growing beyond what can fit on the wall, so if you think you have a cookie with your name on it, be sure to ask.

And don‘t worry, your name stays on the board until you come in and claim your treat.

 “They come in and they can be 50 years old and they see their name on the board and they’re like so excited,” started Julie. “We’ve had people jump up and down. We’ve had people like oh my gosh my name’s on the board what does that mean? It’s it’s just happiness and i love seeing people come in a little bit like you know the day has been the day and then they come in here and it’s all gone. It’s just a kicker for people to feel a little good.”

And what could be sweeter than that?


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