Local companies providing internet services to qualifying students and families

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A computer becomes a paperweight without proper internet service and connection.

And in keeping with aid from Rapid City Area Schools, local internet providers are also making the move to provide resources to families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Midco and Vast will be providing internet services to low income families during the quarantine. The providers would offer basic internet packages at no cost, allowing students to work from home in the meantime.

“We understand that internet access is vital to the success of these efforts, and to help ensure those students have the connection they need, we’ve developed what we’re calling our Midco internet basics program,” said Midco Director of Government Relations, Andrew Curley. “We’ve been working directly with the school districts and we’ve been asking them to identify the students in the district that need the service, and we’re then encouraging them to work with those students to provide the information on the Midco program.”

The offer would only extend to June 15 and to families without an existing service account. Schools have been given the task of identifying families with need and relaying the proper information.

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