Local church partners with Knecht Home Center to distribute fresh food to the public

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The First Assembly of God church and Knecht Home Center in Rapid City partnered up today distributing food to the anyone in need of food and fresh milk.

The event was sponsored by Farmers to Families and by Cityserve to provide the food, but they needed volunteers and someone to organize the distribution.

First Assembly of God gathered close to fifty people to help and hand out food or direct traffic.

Craig Moore, Lead Pastor, First Assembly of God said, “We have people that are holding signs letting the traffic know that didn’t even know anything about it. We have people that are loading cars, we have people that are directing traffic in the parking lot. So we’ve got all kinds of people doing lots of stuff.”

There were no requirements in order to go through the line, all you had to do was show up and volunteers started loading your car. This food distribution was put together last minute with members of the church helping make everything come together.

“They said you are gonna have to have a pallet jacks and you are gonna have to have a fork lift. And so Chris Burch is part of our church, he’s the manager here at Knechts, and he happened to be at church that day when the phone call came. And I said we gotta have a forklift, we gotta have pallet jacks, and he says, ‘Oh yeah, we got that, that’s no problem.’ And so it was like, okay, we can do this.”

First Assembly church had 1,200 hundred boxes of food and 1,200 cartons of milk to distribute to the public. Any left over food or milk will be given to the Corner Stone Rescue Mission for anyone who may need anything there.

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