Local Cathedral Hosts Mass for Nigerian Community

Rapid City — In celebrating the diversity within the church, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help held a Nigerian inculturated mass. The service was led by a visiting Nigerian pastor, Eucharistic ministers, and singers and has been going on for the past several years. Seeing the diversity within Rapid City, the church has been reaching out to various communities highlighting gifts each person and culture brings to the church. Father Brian Christensen said, 

Recognizing the various cultures and ethnic backgrounds and traditions that are all within the umbrella of the whole church, that really is universal. That we share one faith in Jesus Christ, and that we bring the different aspects of our background and our countries and our cultures to that celebration.

The church has a small Nigerian population and used the time share their culture outside of their community. Although they have moved to America to pursue certain goals, the church reminds us that we are all migrants moving where God calls.

Also, just like our Jewish brothers and sisters, we are migrants. Today in one of the readings from Genesis was Abraham. He was called by God to move from one place to another, and just as an example that God will move his people where they need to go, and I think our status of immigration within the United States today is really a part of that movement and that we’re all in this together. 

To promote and share the culture, there was a delicious Nigerian feast prepared, language and culture sharing, and women styling traditional scarves. 

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