Local businesses take advantage of downtime due to coronavirus

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Some local businesses have taken this unwanted coronavirus downtime to reinvest in their buildings.

With low foot-traffic, places such as the Tinder Box are taking advantage of this time to get some maintenance work done. Since purchasing the Tinder Box six-years ago, Caroline Sharp has wanted to do something to preserve the original hardwood floors, which date back to the late 1800s.

“The opportunity came and we thought well this is the best time to do this. Cause it needed done, especially up at the bar … At the bar area where the stools are.” said Sharp.

And just around the block, another business owner was on the same wave length. Since opening nine years ago, Independent Ale House Managing Partner Justin Henrichsen felt it was time to freshen up the place.

They’ve added g a fresh coat of paint to the walls and polyurethane to the hardwood. It was also time to replace the draft system at the bar, a process that would be rushed during any other time.

“Luckily with the draft system end of it this provided us … We had already planned on doing it but we would have had to do it in much more timely fashion and it would have been much more rushed than us being shut down and being able to do it over multiple days instead of trying to do in twenty four hours.” said Henrichsen.

And since they were working on the new draft system anyway, Henrichsen decided to upgrade, adding lines to offer more beverages on tap.

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