Local business trying to expand South Dakota’s technological job market

Rapid City, S.D. — Recent studies have shown South Dakota students graduating with technology degrees are leaving the state to find work. Now a locally owned business is working to fill tech-based jobs in South Dakota, preferably with South Dakotan’s.

‘Property Meld’ has been in business for a little over 5 years now and have recently moved into their new building on Main Street. ‘Property Meld’ is a maintenance automation software that services property management firms throughout the USA and Canada. With technology jobs being outsourced to other states this locally owned and operated business is trying to change that.

CEO of ‘Property Meld’ Ray Hespen said “I wish there was a tech company here when I went to school. I never really wanted to leave the area, I sat there and when I considered my options when getting out of school it was local first.”

They work hard to hire graduates from local schools from around the area such as Black Hills State University and University of South Dakota. Also trying to get those who had once had to move away from South Dakota to find work in the tech field. ‘Property Meld’ is the #1 platform in the nation for maintenance software.

One of the main things Ray Hespen wants to get across is that there is a demand for technology based jobs here in state, there just needs to be an opportunity for them in their field. He said “I see a lot of interesting things happening, I see a lot of support happening for companies like ours and so I would just implore that both the local businesses and community leaders just keep the gas pedal down and make more opportunity’s like this.”

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