Local business stripped of products deemed illegal

A local business was caught off guard when deputies from the Pennington County Sheriff's Office gave a 24 hour warning to remove illegal substances

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office and Rapid City Police have cracked down on the sale of cannabidiol, or CBD, from a local store.

Hemporium Boutique owner Leonard Vandermate told NewsCenter1 that his store in Rapid City was accused of selling illegal substances.

As of April 2018, CBD – which is made from marijuana plants but does not get you high, was deemed illegal in South Dakota.

Vandermate was told by the deputies to stop selling the product made from cannabis after someone reportedly complained to authorities.

Complying with authorities, he pulled CBD products from the shelves at both his Rapid City and Spearfish stores.

The owner says some of his customers depend on CBD, and that this news is devastating to them.

“She came into my store and started crying, “Where am I going to get this, what am I going to do?'” Vandermate stated. “She just went out the door crying. I mean what is this poor lady going to do now? It helps people in pain, it helps people with stress, it helps people with PTSD, it helps people with headaches, migraine headaches, it helps people get to sleep at night, it helps people with eye pressure problems.”

Research has been limited when it comes to the effects of CBD on the body, because federal law still categorizes cannabis as an illegal drug.

This is an ongoing story, so be sure to stay with NewsCenter1 as it develops.

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