Zero-waste efforts from local business owner

Reducing waste is not a new movement but some are taking extra steps in an effort to protect our planet.

Callee Ackland began a business venture 2 years ago after trying for the first time a handmade facial, bar cleanser. She was impressed by the results and began making her own products by hand of natural ingredients. Then that passion snowballed into a zero-waste effort.

Ackland says, “I watch a documentary on Netflix called “Plastic Ocean,” I was just shocked by how serious, how severe the problem of plastic pollution is around the globe and why it’s not being talked about enough and how common and every day plastic is in our lives. Plastic is a fantastic innovation, it’s fantastic technology, it’s durable but the problem is how we are using it. We’re using it for single use items. And just helping people be aware of where their products are coming from, just think a little bit more consciously when they’re consuming things.”

At Bestowed Essentials, she makes and sells ethical and eco-friendly homes good. While Callee say it is unrealistic to live a zero-waste life, she advocates for a lower impact lifestyle. Some ideas would be cutting down on using plastic items, like straws and bags, but reusing sustainable options. Other ways include beginning a compost pile, reducing food waste and even buying local produce and animal products will cut down your impact on the earth.

A focus on reducing what you need, reusing as much as you can and recycling as a last resort.

“The problem is recycling is not the answer. Only about 9% of the plastic that we use are ever really, actually recycled, and plastic can only be down cycled once or twice before the quality is too poor. So it’s still ending up in the landfill or the ocean anyway. So recycling – it’s a good step, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that you’re doing because unfortunately it isn’t enough.”

Callee says it’s about being conscious of what you’re consuming and trying to do better – leaving less of a carbon footprint – and leaving more of a legacy of mindfulness.

“Not only is it protecting your health, it’s good for the planet, but it might also be helping your budget and your wallet as well.”

Callee also hosts the Hippie Haven podcast focused on the zero waste movement and is not working on writing a book to help businesses with the effort.

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