Local business Lane LLC thrives on producing innovative silencer designs

RAPID CITY, S.D. – While hunting and shooting have always been popular recreational activities, it’s only in recent years that silencers and suppressors have become more standard in the industry.

The growing demand for silencers has been driven by recreational shooters’ desire to protect their hearing, particularly for hunters who don’t always use hearing protection in the field.

Silencers also protect the hearing of pet companions, such as dogs and horses that are near a shooting range or accompanying hunters. As silencers decrease noise pollution and decrease kickback, allowing for better accuracy; farmers and ranchers have seen a use for them in the protection of their livestock. The practical application of a silencer allows farmers and ranchers the ability to hunt predators without startling livestock and protecting their own hearing.

One of the leading producers of silencers in the area is Lane LLC. Lane Silencers and Guns has been manufacturing high-quality products in Rapid City for more than a decade.

The business was founded in 2007 by Cory Johnston and Brady McDonnell.

Cory Johnston and Brady McDonnell

Both Johnston and McDonnell are avid hunters and wanted to design silencers that were better than the current standards.

Since its inception, Lane LLC has worked to fulfill their mission of producing superior silencers using innovative technology and design.

They’re also committed to meeting customer needs.

According to the company, “We will use the best technology available to ensure high quality and lower customer costs.”

“We do all the paperwork to make getting a suppressor easy and our suppressors are serviceable, making them possible to clean.”

To learn more about the impressive process through which Lane LLC’s silencers are produced, check out the “How It’s Made” video below.

You can learn more about Lane Silencers and Guns by visiting their website, www.lane-products.com, or contacting them at 605-791-0740.



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