Local business helps homeless animals

RAPID CITY, S.D. – A local business owner, and animal lover, is helping the Humane Society of the Black Hills.

Stacey Livermont owns Piesano’s Pacchia, a pizzeria in west Rapid City. She has been a longtime supporter of the Humane Society, and wanted to give back.

She has over 12 dogs herself.

Although she cannot volunteer at the shelter due to her business, she helps by sending flyers with every delivery order. The flyers have an adoptable pet on them, and she sends them out until the pet is adopted.

Before COVID-19 she would also go to the shelter and take pictures of the animals. She would then post those pictures on her Facebook page, to let people know they were up for adoption.

As of now she is trying to help a dog named Sunny. Sunny is an American Pitbull that is 4-year-old. Sunny does have a few tumors, but Livermont says she’s willing to help pay for the cost of surgery once he is adopted.

You can find more information about Sunny at the link below.

Adopt a Dog


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