Local artist preparing to repaint vandalized Breast Cancer survivor mural

A local artist has received supplies to repaint a mural she created for Breast Cancer survivors after it was vandalized.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A local artist has received supplies to repaint her mural in Art Alley after it was defaced with expletives.

Madison Radke, who was sponsored by Monument Health to create the mural for breast cancer survivors, received the new supplies from members of her family and community members.

A process that took 12 days and about 30 hours will have to be redone.

But Radke, although upset about the vandalism, says the support she’s received from her family and community members to restore the painting is inspiring.

“A lot of people were very hurt by this, not only me and my friends and family but everyone is willing to chip in and help me repaint it and make it look good again,” Radke said.

Radke hasn’t said when she will begin to rework the mural.

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