Lloyd Companies working through final details for Block 5 development

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Work is ongoing for a new development planned for downtown Rapid City.

Lloyd Companies says they’re working through the finals details of the building process for the new Block 5 project.

7 19 Block 5 Update Vo00 00 17 10still001The complex will house 5,000-square-feet of commercial retail space, and more than 100 hotel rooms and loft apartments.

Block 5 is taking the place of a parking lot at the corner of Sixth and Saint Joseph Streets, but will offer more than 300 privately-owned parking spaces once completed. For now, they’re dealing with the logistics of such a huge undertaking.

“We’re going to have to shut down some parking spaces and some streets there in order to have places to lay materials, operate the cranes…those sorts of things as the building goes vertical,” said Lloyd Companies Chief Operating Officer Jake Quasney.

This massive project doesn’t come without hurdles, but Lloyd Companies is thinking ahead when they can.

“You don’t know what the next problem’s going to be, so it’s trying to plan for the unplan-able,” Quasney said. “The team has done a fantastic job across our portfolio today, both in Rapid City and the stuff we have going on in other places.”

Quasney says by this time next year, the physical structure will be up – making the skyline in downtown Rapid City very transformative over the next 12 months.

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