6:00 PM Blizzard Update & Forecast Discussion

Blizzard conditions are expected to begin later this morning and afternoon, Brant has the latest forecast

6 p.m. update:

3 p.m. update:

12 p.m. update:

UPDATE (10:45) — The Rapid City Police Department has issued a No Travel Advisory for Rapid City.

9 a.m. update:


6 a.m. update:


  • Snow continues to fall across the region this morning, with winds expected to pick up later on today.
  • These winds could cause blizzard conditions across large portions of our area, making travel dangerous, if not impossible at times.

  • Posting a road conditions map seems like a moot point, but here it is anyway – I-90 is shut down from the Wyoming border all the way to the river.
  • No-Travel advisories are in place for all of West river, save for areas of Ziebach County and towards Mobridge.
  • Downtown Rapid City proper does not have a travel advisory at this time, plows are currently out and working on the roads.

  • In case you haven’t seen the warnings yet, here’s what we have in place until 6 AM Sunday morning.
  • Blizzard warning for the Wyoming and South Dakota Plains, and a Winter Storm Warning for the Black Hills, Sheridan County, WY and Carter County, MT.

  • We’ve already gotten a good amount of snow in some portions of our region, with Rapid City so far seeing some of those higher amounts, along with the Eastern Foothills.
  • Areas North of the Black Hills are seeing less accumulations thus far, and could fall short of the 12″ mark before all is said and done… but the ice makes that negligible as road conditions are still dangerous and expected to get worse.
  • Areas of the Central and Southern Hills have gotten little accumulations so far, and could have lower amounts by Sunday morning as well.

  • By 11 AM today, we’ll be in full storm mode as winds pick up and snow bands continue to cross the region.
  • Notice the downslope dry pocket in Custer, Weston and Fall River County – this will be an area that receives less accumulations but should still expected dangerous driving conditions.

  • By 9 PM Tonight, accumulating snow is starting to taper off for some areas but the winds will still be kickin’ in the 40-50 mph range – so it won’t really matter.
  • Blizzard conditions will continue late into the evening and possibly the very early morning hours of Sunday.

  • Snow is out of here and the sun is out by Sunday, but only sky-wise.
  • Breezy and windy conditions could continue, which could lead to continued low visibility and areas of blowing snow.
  • Remember that it could also take time before roads are eventually cleared and travel can resume normally.

  • Hopefully by Monday we start seeing some real improvements and clearing roads across the whole region – as temperatures are expected to climb to the Mid-40s with partly cloudy skies.
  • We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on Sunday’s timeline, as we know that’s when people will want to start getting out and about.


I know many people are getting up this morning and looking out their window thinking “well heck this is just a little bit of snow, whats the big deal?”…. wait for it. Once winds start kickin’ we’ll be in for quite a show. Any additional closures or updates to events we’ll be sure to post them on our website and social media. I sincerely hope everyone is warm, sheltered and have plenty of leftovers to dig into today! Samantha Chadwell brought pumpkin pie into the office and I’ll be having that for breakfast – because during blizzards I get to break all the rules of eating healthy 🙂

Be safe everyone, send us your pictures and storm reports to Nc1.tv/upload so we can share them! We appreciate you tuning in with us – we’ll have a LIVE updated at 9 AM – so stay tuned! -Brant

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