Limited work visas could cause problems for businesses this summer

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Visit Rapid City understands how important tourism is to the economy of South Dakota and is helping businesses in the area get prepared for the busy Summer ahead.

Stacie Granum, Visit Rapid City Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing said “popping in to different hospitality businesses and other area shops and attractions and hotels. Just making sure everybody has what they need to kick off the season as far as visitor guides and maps. But also really sharing that impact that travel has on them and our entire community.”

Summer of 2021 is on pace to be a very busy one. But with less seasonal help this year than in years past some businesses in the Black Hills could struggle this Summer by not being able to fill positions.

“Workers that come in seasonally are really critical to the business and their daily operations. We just don’t have a lot of information yet, we’re waiting. We know we got the 22,000 but we don’t know yet whose gonna get what and it’s almost kinda like a guessing game and a waiting game.”

Without seasonal workers that businesses are dependent on some shops may have to close earlier this summer or not even open at all.

Which is why some area businesses are offering incentives to entice workers to stay through the season.

“So maybe at the end of 90 days or at the end of the season if they’ve worked that full season they get either a certain dollar amount kinda like a bonus. Or some have even gone a step further and offered scholarship opportunities.”

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