Likely Snow Event Wednesday Evening Through Friday Morning

Details are still coming together, but a good sized system will likely be making its way through the Black hills Region Wednesday night through Friday morning

  • Focusing on today and tomorrow’s forecast first, there will be plenty of sunshine and warm conditions across the region, with 60s and 70s during the day and 30s and 40s in the evening
  • Tuesday evening will be the first sign of trouble as a cold front moves through Wyoming and drops high temperatures to the 30s and 40s by Wednesday afternoon.

  • The first part of Wednesday is expected to be cool and partly cloudy, with Northerly Winds beginning to pick up to the 20-30 mph range
  • A Rain/Snow Mix will start in South Central Montana and move into Northeastern Wyoming by midday Wednesday

  • By Noon Wednesday, Northeastern Wyoming and Southeastern Montana will be seeing a rain/snow mix push into the region.
  • Most of south Dakota will hold off on snow activity until later Wednesday afternoon and evening.
  • Most precipitation could start out as rain to start, and then change over to a mixture of sleet, graupel, freezing rain and eventually all snow

  • By Midnight Wednesday into Thursday, the area for the most part will be fully transitioned into Snow
  • Low temperatures and gusty Northerly winds will be the main concern, as any rain will quickly freeze as temps dip into the 20’s and teens overnight
  • Windy conditions could lead to visibility issues and snow covered roads, travel is expected to be difficult during this time

  • Moderate to even heavy accumulations will be possible, with heavy snow at times on Thursday.
  • As snow begins to move out Thursday evening, windy conditions will persist, so blowing snow could still make travel difficult
  • Friday morning is still up in the air, as there is still disagreement over whether or not a wrap around Low will bring extra accumulations to our region

  • So to recap, by Wednesday evening you should have made any preparations you feel is necessary before this moves in.
  • The main dangers so far appear to be rain that will quickly freeze with dropping temperatures, and high winds with possible blowing snow.
  • Given that we have many trees that still retain their leaves, this could weigh down branches and lead to some broken tree limbs.
  • Things we don’t know: Where the Heaviest Snow will eventually fall and how much.
  • As of now, it appears that Central South Dakota will receive the larger snow amounts – this forecast is still in development and will likely change before all is said and done.

I’ll be sure to update any pertinent information as it becomes available. For now, nobody necessarily needs to be rushing to the grocery store – it’s the first forecasted snow of the season and brings with it a lot of lofty expectations that sometimes doesn’t pan out. This is worth watching, and that’s pretty much the gist of it at this point. This system could still swing 100 miles East or West, drastically changing this forecast. As the date gets closer, we’ll have more specific details and better information. Thanks for sticking with us! We’ll be sure to keep you updated. – Brant

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