Light snow Wednesday, warm and sunny Friday

Several small systems will strafe the region over the next 48 hours, bringing light snow to portions of our area

  • Few clouds out there this morning, but big improvements are in store for this afternoon with temperatures reaching the 50s… if you’re South of I-90.
  • Temperatures will be much cooler as you head North and Northeast of the Black Hills, with Harding, Perkins, and Ziebach Counties expecting 30s, along with Carter County, Montana.

  • A fast moving clipper will sweep through areas North of the Black Hills this morning, pushing into central South Dakota and North Dakota by this afternoon.
  • Most will stay dry for the most part, with a few flurries and perhaps some light snow in the Northern Hills due to upslope.

  • Moving into Tuesday evening however, a more widespread system is expected to bring a mix of light rain, light snow and breezy conditions around 5-8 pm this evening
  • Most precipitation will be snow as temperatures continue to drop into the teens and 20s across the region overnight, be careful as things get dark as roads could become slick.

  • Looking at the maps going into late tonight, we can notice the sporadic nature of these snow bands – rather blotchy and unorganized.
  • There could be a few moderate snow bands hunting around for unsuspecting drivers, but common sense and a little caution should be sufficient to get around tonight.

  • Snow bands will continue to criss-cross the area through Wednesday morning – the morning commute may be a bit blustery with North winds gusting up to 30 mph and single digit wind chills
  • Snow covered roads and icy conditions will be likely, so make sure you’re giving yourself extra time Wednesday morning to get where you need to go.

  • By Wednesday afternoon, dry air will begin pushing all but the most stubborn snow bands out of our region.
  • The Central and Southern Hills could hang on a bit longer into Wednesday evening, but most activity should be dying down as we approach late Wednesday night

  • Tuesday’s (today’s) clipper will bring light accumulations to areas North of the Black Hills, maybe a quick 1″-3″ before it makes a hasty exit by this afternoon
  • Accumulations Tuesday night and Wednesday will mostly concentrate in the Black Hills, Bear Lodge mountains and the Big Horns
  • 2″-4″ looks likely for the heaviest areas, with maybe a 5″ mark near Cheyenne Crossing and further south into Deerfield.
  • Everyone else is looking at a cool 0″-1″ or 1″-2″, with a few lucky areas getting 3″ if a particularly stubborn snow band sets up Wednesday afternoon.
  • Rapid City and the I-90 corridor ought to be on the lookout regardless, there always seems to be at least one good burst with these systems that brings pretty much 80% of our snow within a very short period of time. Stay alert

  • Temperatures will hit the teens Wednesday night in Rapid City, with single digits possible elsewhere
  • Thursday will begin a dry and warming trend into Friday, with temperatures in the 30s Thursday, and 50s Friday.
  • Saturday morning looks dry, before a more potent system will knock on our door Saturday afternoon/evening going into the beginning portion of next week.


We know the game by now – keep an eye out tonight into Wednesday and use common sense if driving in snowy conditions – especially at night. Accumulations will be low, but ice doesn’t take a vacation. I’m anticipating very nice conditions for Friday, which is a the bright spot in all of this. I’m watching Saturday closely, it’s going to be close. A very sharp cold front will move through the region, bringing more than likely breezy conditions and a sharp drop of temperatures. The question is…. when – so far late afternoon has been a pretty good estimate, but that timeline could shift. The later the front arrives, the better Saturday looks for everyone. Sunday looks cold and snowy at the very least, with more chilly conditions for Veterans Day – if maybe less of a chance for snow in the forecast. We’ll keep you updated, as always. Thanks for trusting us with your forecast – Brant


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