Light Snow Tonight: Small systems throughout the week lead to very warm weekend

Light snow is likely tonight into tomorrow, followed by a series of small disturbances and a very warm weekend

  • Cloudy and foggy conditions are likely today, with temperatures starting in the 20s and climbing to the 30s across the region
  • Snow will start moving in from Wyoming this morning and eventually make its way to the Black Hills by late afternoon and evening.

  • Could have a few areas of freezing fog during the morning, but not expected to be widespread.
  • Snow will start around 8-10 AM towards Sheridan County, WY and push westward as a single line.

  • By around 6-8 PM Our line of snow will start moving into the Black Hills and the I-90 corridor.
  • This has snow burst written all over it – low visibility and areas of difficult travel conditions are likely but aren’t expected to be long lived.

  • Areas out towards the plains can expect this system after midnight going into the early morning hours.
  • Wyoming and the Black Hills should be clear of this system after midnight, with clearing skies.

  • Snow amounts, once again, are not all the impressive – perhaps some areas of 1″-3″ of snow could happen in the Black Hills.
  • Everyone else should see an inch and half to maybe 2″ at the most outside of the Black Hills.
  • All of this will come in a short period of time and could be in the form of the big, heavy snowflakes like we saw last week. Use caution while this passes.

  • Pushing into the week, Tuesday looks better with a slight chance for precipitation Wednesday.
  • Overall, several system are likely this week and will pass quickly through the region.
  • Warm temperatures are expected by this weekend, possibly in the 60s.


Two things I am wary of as we approach February; remember how I’m always talking about the jet stream and the importance of temperatures in the Gulf of Alaska as a cheat code of what we can expect in the Black Hills? Well…

Ridge of high pressure surges into the gulf of Alaska this weekend going into next week, and a surge of arctic air … on que… surges into the Northern Plains.

The second thing? Temperatures this weekend could top 60 degrees – which generally leads to interesting weather… It was this time last year that we hit 60 degrees before our arctic plunge into February where we had an average of 8° for the month. Could we see warm temperatures and escape relatively unscathed? It’s possible… but I’m not putting money on it. I’m thinking an active, colder February is on tap for us.

Regarding tonight, This has snow burst written all over it… I think most of our snowfall will come in one big burst – giant wet snowflakes and then it’ll be gone. During that time, could have low visibility and quickly accumulating snow. Just when you think it’s getting pretty bad…. it’ll be gone.

I’ll keep everyone updated on this weekend and keep my eye on the long range. Should be an interesting February. Be safe out there! -Brant

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