Light Snow/Rain this week with very warm temperatures this weekend

Although a little bit bumpy to start the week, we're looking at very mild temperatures and overall dry conditions Wednesday onwards

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  • Sunny and mild for today, with breezy conditions by this afternoon and clouds on the increase.

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  • We are expecting a clipper to come through later this morning into this afternoon.
  • This will bring a few clouds but breezy conditions – precipitation should wait until this evening.

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  • Light snow/rain will set up in bands across the Black Hills and portions of Northeastern Wyoming.
  • A few inches of snow will be possible in the Black Hills, but overall light amounts are ecpected.

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  • A quick break in the early morning will give way to more snow showers, particularly in the higher elevations of the Black Hills and areas Northeast of the Hills.
  • Rapid City could see a few rain showers, but most activity will have trouble reaching the surface with dry air in place.

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  • Winds will be gusty on Tuesday, with 45-50 MPH wind gusts possible North of the Black Hills.
  • These will be dry winds overall, but don’t be surprised to see a few snow/rain showers embedded with this clipper system as well.

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  • Snow totals over the next 48 hours look to concentrate in the Black hills themselves and towards the Bighorn Mountains.
  • The I-90 corridor could see a bit of activity, but overall low impacts are expected.

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  • By Wednesday we are looking at warmer and sunny conditions, with the possibility of yet another clipper pushing through Wednesday night into Thursday, bringing Windy conditions.
  • The good news is by this weekend, very warm and dry conditions are expected… possibly tipping the 70° mark by Saturday.

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It’ll be a busy week, so make sure to stay on your toes! Some of the snow shower activity in the Northern hills will be of the upslope variety… so don’t be surprised to see a few heavier bands from time to time. We are moving our clocks ahead one hour Saturday night into Sunday!

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