Light-based therapies offer stress-free weight management

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Health is a source of anxiety for many people. Long hours at work, busy schedules, family events and caring for others can make it difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, the process of sticking to a regular exercise schedule and diet plan can be stressful when it doesn’t feel like we’re meeting our goals.

Voni Savoy is the owner and operator of SkinE Spa, a local spa in downtown Rapid City that focuses on using light-based therapy to help clients lose weight and stay healthy. Her services include a red light sculpting technology called Contour Light and an infrared body wrap called Formostar. Savoy says her treatments are a good option for anyone who is stressed out about weight loss.

“Light-based therapies are a perfect solution for anyone who wants to lose weight, eliminate stress and live a healthier lifestyle,” said Savoy. “During both treatments clients lay on a massage table and we provide an inclusive, serene space for total rest and relaxation during our sessions. Guided meditations to lose weight, relieve stress and clear mental blocks are also available.”

Studies show that chronic stress can alter the body’s chemistry so that it’s harder to lose weight, particularly around the abdomen. This has prompted experts to recommend incorporating calming treatments like light-based therapies into a regular diet and exercise plan — particularly as the link between stress and weight gain becomes clearer.

During a Contour Light session, clients lay on a massage table underneath red light panels. The light mimics many of the natural benefits of sunlight without damaging UVA/UVB rays and penetrates down into fat cells, causing them to shrink. The infrared body wrap treatment involves infrared heat that penetrates deep into tissue and then radiates outwards, creating the same effect as aerobic activity and increasing metabolism and circulation.

“A single 60-minute infrared body wrap treatment burns up to 1,200 calories,” according to Savoy. “And one red light session is equal to seven 30-minute cardio workouts.”

Both light therapies help eliminate toxins, break down cellulite and improve skin. They can also target specific trouble areas where clients have had trouble slimming down in the past.

“Dieting alone can be a slow process, and without exercise to build muscle and burn fat, saggy skin can also become an issue,” said Savoy. “So when clients combine our treatments with a weight loss program, not only are they able to break down fat a lot more quickly and effortlessly, they are also able to tighten, tone, smooth and sculpt their entire body in the process.”

Savoy says many of her clients incorporate her services into their regular exercise and diet plans in order to stay motivated and optimize their results.

“Clients can feel defeated by diet or exercise alone, so seeing results in a short amount of time without having to give a lot of effort can be a huge motivating factor,” said Savoy. “If they are seeing results simply by showing up for their treatments and drinking their required water intake, they get inspired to incorporate diet and exercise because they recognize that something is actually working for them. This can be a total game changer.”

In addition to weight loss, reducing stress in our daily lives can have more wide-ranging impacts. Stress is often overlooked as one of the major contributors to cardiovascular and heart diseases. It also impairs the immune system and is linked to chronic inflammation, which can lead to joint damage and other issues.

That’s why Savoy says for those who are interested in losing weight, getting healthy and de-stressing, light-based therapies are a good option.

You can learn more about SkinE Spa, located in downtown Rapid City, as well as the full list of services Voni Savoy provides, here.